About me

Hi! I’m a writer and photographer, an outdoor adventurer, a some-time expedition leader, and an elected Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. And a PhD scientist, too. Although I no longer work as a geologist, my sciences background is a huge part of who I am and of nearly everything I do.

I’ve been a full-time freelance writer and photographer for the last two decades. I’m author or co-author of four books (one of which is a best-seller!) and my stories, articles and photos have been published in magazines, newspapers, and anthologies around the world (more about all of that on my website, www.jacquelinewindh.com).

The focus of much of my photographic work is wilderness, wildlife and our natural environment. You can imagine that I was thrilled when Anna’s hummingbirds first showed up at my Vancouver Island home in 2015: part of their range expansion northward. Being able to do wildlife photography from my front balcony has been a real treat!

I’m working on two more books at the moment – both of them intended to be “coffee-table” type books, loaded with gorgeous colour photos, but also with lots of storytelling and information. One of those will be about The Secret Coast, documenting my RCGS-sponsored expedition down the Wild West coast of Vancouver Island, exploring the history of the very early contacts between the first European explorers and the indigenous people here. And the other will be about my Snowbirds: investigating why these hummers are moving north and how they are adapting to this colder climate, while telling the personal story of my relationship with my little guys.

If you’re interested in following this story, please head over to my Contacts page and sign up to receive the occasional update. But first, enjoy this little clip of me with one of my girls, Rosetta:

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