Hummers in action!

Anna’s hummingbirds are moving north from their sub-tropical homeland. This 3-minute mini-documentary reveals stunning footage of how these tiny creatures survive during snowy Canadian winter. (Make sure you play this full-screen!)

This website documents my on-going multi-year Snowbirds project: photographing and filming Anna’s hummingbirds as they expand their range from their southern homelands into Canada. Explore it to find out more about these amazing creatures, and go to my Contacts page to sign up for updates about the project’s progress and events.

The Snowbirds book project

I have spent six years capturing unique photos and video of these hummingbirds in the snow. Several birds have returned to my yard, year after year, and I know many of them by name. Some of them – Grandma Rosie, Flathead, Squeaky and Squeaky Jr. – know me too, providing me with some very special and intimate moments for photography and interaction.

My Snowbirds book will present the story of these hummingbirds in images and words: both the bigger picture (like why are they coming here?), as well as tales of my personal encounters: what I know about them, and what they might know about me.

Anna’s hummingbirds

Once inhabitants only of the American southwest and Northern Mexico, Anna’s hummingbirds are moving north! Explore this website to find out more about how – and why – they are adapting to life in Canada. Find out more about Anna’s hummingbirds.


Lots of basic info about the hummers, like how to tell males from females, and how they keep warm through our long winter nights – as well as my most recent photos and observations. Keep up to date by checking in with my blog.

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I’m Jacqueline Windh: a PhD scientist, a best-selling author and internationally published photographer, and an elected Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. Find out more.

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