Hummingbird range expansion: Successful nesting

Part of the reason that Anna’s hummingbirds have been so successful at expanding their range (from northern Mexico and Southern California, now all the way up to British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska) is because they are very good at raising babies. These hummingbirds have been known to start up to five nests per year.

I was very fortunate this spring, because a fellow birder from our birding community who knew about my Anna’s hummingbirds photography project told me about this nest.

Nesting info is very sensitive to share, because human visitors can disturb the birds, potentially making the parent(s) abandon the nest. I appreciate that he trusted me and my ethics!

I was also fortunate that this was such an easy nest to photograph. It was early spring so there was no foliage on the branches yet – affording clean and unobstructed sightlines.

There was a natural “platform” where I could set up my tripod and shoot with my big 600 mm lens: far away not to disturb the birds.

And the light was behind me! What more could a photographer ask for!

Here’s a video of Mom feeding her chicks:

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