A very special hummingbird

I will be posting more about this amazing hummingbird. His name is Fabio (and he deserves it!) This is the seventh winter that I’ve had Anna’s hummingbirds coming to my home here on Vancouver Island, Canada. Unlike the rufous hummingbirds, who used to be our “regulars,” Anna’s hummingbirds stay all winter. I have had severalContinue reading “A very special hummingbird”

Baby it’s cold outside… first snow!

This is perhaps the most intriguing thing to me: how these tiny Anna’s hummingbirds, adapted for the tropics, and with essentially no body mass, survive our cold Canadian winters! We don’t get snow every winter here (in Port Alberni, central Vancouver Island). We have, though, seen a few days of snow pretty regularly these pastContinue reading “Baby it’s cold outside… first snow!”